Robert Rich live at the B-Wave Festival !

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It is with great pride that we announce the performance of ROBERT RICH at the B-Wave Festival !
After our announcement of RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL, we now are glad to announce the performance of ROBERT RICH!

Across three decades and over 30 albums, ROBERT RICH has helped define the genres of ambient music, dark-ambient, tribal and trance. Part of his unique sound comes from using home-made acoustic and electronic instruments, microtonal harmonies, computer-based signal processing, chaotic systems and feedback networks.
He has designed sounds for television and film scores, including the films Pitch Black, Crazy Beautiful, Behind Enemy Lines and others.
ROBERT RICH works closely with electronic instrument manufacturers, and his sound design has filled preset libraries of Emu’s Proteus 3 and Morpheus, Seer Systems’ Reality, sampling disks Things that Go Bump in the Night, ACID Loop Library Liquid Planet, WayOutWare’s TimewARP2600, and synths by Camel Audio and Dave Smith Instruments.

He’ll be flying over from the USA for this unique and single European concert, especially for the B-Wave Festival, so don’t miss this event!
The B-Wave Festival is a Belgian festival dedicated to space, ambient, Berliner Schule and chillout music. This year will mark its third edition.

All info on the B-Wave Festival here.

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