RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL live at the B-Wave Festival !

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We proudly announce the presence of RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL at the B-Wave Festival !

Radio Massacre International is a trio of British musicians,
Steve Dinsdale (Keyboards and Drums), Duncan Goddard (Keyboards and Bass), and Gary Houghton (Guitar, Synth). They specialize in improvisational experimental electronic music, utilising vintage synthesizers and sampled sounds alongside electric guitar. They are also leading exponents of the mellotron keyboard. More recently they have begun to incorporate Bass Guitar and Drums by varying degrees in an attempt to stretch musical boundaries within the confines of a three piece. Their music has been described alternatively as ambient music, space rock, Krautrock, New Age, Berlin School, and various other terms, although the band itself prefers the label “organic music”.

It’s RMI’s first appearance in Belgium !

All info on the B-Wave Festival here.


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