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Welcome to the Press Info page of the B-Wave Festival 6th edition!

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Flanders supports the B-Wave Festival 2018 !






The festival grows every year so we decided to add some nice things: an ambient exhibition (yes!) and a hall with a movie playing!
Read on!

The B-Wave Festival this year consists of:

  • 4 acts on the main stage (line-up see below)
  • 2 acts on the foyer stage (line-up see below)
  • Foyer stalls of specialized record labels, distributors, manufacturers, artists etc.
  • Seperate hall with an Ambient exhibition (Erica Hinyot: “Expo Expérience ODE A LA PLUIE”) and music of Jean-Marc Ledermann.
  • Ambient movie “Eiland” (The Isle) from Marcus Scheibmaier, Steve Slingeneyer (ex-Soulwax) and Bruno Coussée (Manngold, Rheinzand). Mixed by Stéphane Misseghers (dEUS).
  • We’re also planning (and hope to have) a discussion/interview board on sound synthesis and synth-recording techniques with Michael Stearns, Erik Wollo, Rob Papen, Michel Huygen (to be confirmed).
  • Autograph sessions



In the theater hall artists are from the USA, Norway, Germany and Belgium:

  • Michael Stearns: Will come over to the festival for a unique and one-time European concert! This is your chance to see and hear the Meister of Space Music in person! Remember his fantastic albums Chronos or Planetary Unfolding? Michael just finished scoring the soundtrack of the theater movie Alpha, running in the US-theaters right now. His live performance will be a true 5.1 surround performance with excerpts of the movies “Chronos”, “Samsara” and “Baraka” ! All who attended the previous festival editions know that the theater is not just a concert stage, but also is a movie theater: combining these two things… is plain awesome!
  • Erik Wøllo: is a Norwegian composer and musician, guitarist and synthesist. He has a background in various genres in music. As a solo recording artist, he is most known for his electronic and ambient musical soundscapes. Music that can be classified in the genres of space, drone, new age, and electronic music. Through his many albums he has gained recognition for his unique sound and style. Using guitar as the primary instrument in a highly imaginary and emotional music, building a bridge between grand symphonic realms and gentle, minimalist and serene atmospheres.
  • Pyramaxx: Is the common project of the Leverkusen/Germany based band Pyramid Peak (Axel Stupplich & Andreas Morsch) and guitar player Max maxxess Schiefele. Witness their fantastic sequence-based tracks with awesome layers of electric guitar!
  • Aerodyn: Consists of Jan Buytaert (The Roswell Incident), Alain Kinet and Philippe Wauman (aka Anantakara). They did a fantastic performance on Cosmic Nights 2017, so we want to hear and see them again!


For the foyer we invited 2 very interesting acts:

  • Alienna: One of the many few female and Belgian artists to indulge your speakers or headphones with fantastic spacy and trancy soundscapes.
  • Onsturicheit: modular synth-wizard. Filmish, psychedelic and electronic analog palettes of very rich and unusual soundscapes.


Date: December 1st
Venue: CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
Doors open: 13:00
End: +/- 23:00

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Michael Stears

Michael Stearns Modular


Erik Wøllo












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