B-Wave Festival: foyer-act NOMATISAN!

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We’re happy to announce another great act: NOMATISAN !
Nomatisan comes from Brussels and mainly uses analogue synthesizers to produce his music.

We invite you to get to know him and his powerful analogue synth music:

He describes his music like this: Authentic, top-notch and friendly electronica.

He uses these terms because he writes his music himself, doesn’t sample or plagiate other people’s music.
He writes music for the listening experience, not to hit the charts.
Nomatisan has written and produced music for over 20 years, of which 14 years professionally, so he has lots of experience, skills and know-how hence top-notch. The term friendly is to say that most people should be able to get a music experience out of listening to his music. Most of it is written on the piano and it’s not just beeps and blops. He loves the sonic possibilities of synthesizers, but they are just the tools. He always starts out with a pure musical idea.
Visit his web site here.
Visit his Bandcamp web site here.




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