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Ambient Nation vol. 5

Welcome to the Ambient Nation 5  page and discover all the info on the 28 participating artists!
Embark on a dreamful journey through the cosmos of Belgium’s finest Electronic Music.
Three discs of dazzling and swirling sequencer phrases, quiet dreamful ambient textures, energetic and uplifting sounds, theatrical and epic walls of music…
Enjoy this fifth edition of musical art, created with the rich and colourful palette of established and fresh Belgian artists!

Ambient Nation 5 is: 28 (!) artists, 3 discs, more than 200 minutes of fine electronic music.


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Total playing time: 68:54

1 Synodic Wave: Drone (10:32)

2 Rhea: Je Me Suis Trompé De Voie Lactée (8:06)

RHEA is cosmic music without compromises. And electronic.

All music is made by synthesizers. I prefer the old ones, the analogues. Of course I use modern digital technologies, but I’m always looking for an ‘old organic analogue’ sound.

My music is mysterious, often dark and subtle. It demands concentration from the listener, and then certainly leads to a mental trip, to relaxation or even meditation.

Find me on Bandcamp:

Recent Work at

3 Owann: Dawn of a New Day (7:04)

Welcome into the musical universe of Owann.
Johan De Paepe, photographer, mountaineer, traveller, motorcyclist, biker, … and musician, has been composing his own music since 2011.
His music can be discribed as smooth floating ambient scapes with influences from motion picture woven with nice melodic parts and nicely balanced out with sequencers. You can purchase his music on :

Reviews of his albums :

Follow Owann on You tube :

Follow Owann on facebook :

Other Projects :
The Tower Tree ( a joint venture between Owann and BySenses )

4 Nisus: Second Summer (8:00)

5 Zer0 れい : Sumitomo Soylent Revision (5:02)

Zer0 れい is Post-Ironic Internet Muzak. Borrowing heavily from earlier experimental endeavours alongside existing genres such as Vaporwave, Synthwave and Dark Ambient.

Fueled by an unrelenting DIY/Punk ethos.
Often self-classified as Vapornoise, Trashwave or Midihack.
Present on all common Social Media and Streaming platforms.

6 Sensory++: Skinny dipping on Enceladus (8:00)

Joost Egelie a.k.a. Sensory++, age 45, living in Limburg, Belgium. Electronic music is a big hobby of mine for almost 30 years now. I try to create complete spacious environments in sound which may carry away the listener’s imagination. I do so on a limited set of gear – it’s not the amount of synths that make the music; it’s how they’re being used. This encourages the creative mind.

Mostly when I start a new song I try some things first, and then the music begins to develop itself. In a conservation between me and the gear, I try to understand what the song asks for, what it needs. We listen to each other, the music and I. It is a proces of giving and taking, like some sort of a dream state of spirit. That creative process is what I like most about electronic music.

With this track I tried out some new techniques. It is the first track with a new type of reverb, and since reverb is one of the main ingredients of Sensory++’s music, it will sketch a whole different kind of ambience. It is also the first track which fully features a recently acquired vintage synth, the Roland JX-10. A very warm and rich sounding asset to the Sensory++ studio.

The title of this track invites the listener to explore the stories that may unfold. What if we could land on Saturnus’ moon Enceladus? Could we dive and swim along the strange creatures that may live in the subsurface ocean?..

Gear used: Roland JX-3P, Roland D-50, Roland JX-10 (Super-JX), Korg MS-20, Korg SQ-1, Alesis Multimix 8 Usb FX, Focusrite Saffire LE, Korg NanoKontrol 2.
Macbook Pro running Ardour, Hydrogen Drummachine, Eventide Blackhole, Glitchmachines Fracture.

More albums:

Stay tuned on new work:

Some drafts and experiments:


7 Hoshin: Fault (7:53)

Hoshin is an ambient project, made by Xavier Heindrichs. After a degree in musical school, he turned towards the use of electronic ways to make music in a wide range of genres in 2004. He clarified and found his style following two events: when he came back from two long lasting spiritual journeys in Burma (where he collected lots of field recordings) and when he met Asmorod (from the famous Snowblood french ambient label). The project took his final form in 2009, in splitting in two parts, “Hoshin” and “Esylt”.

A few years have passed and, finally, his debut album, “Path of Dissolution” was born on the famous dark ambient label “Cryo Chamber” in 2016.

The “Hoshin” project tries to connect opposites, gathering vintage synth and effects, analog modular, computer and software synthesizers together with field recordings. The whole is binded by a sense of necessity to « Constrain the chaos that we are to become form ». Softly dark, with hints of asian mysteries and a nostalgia aura, the Hoshin project is a kind of soundscape testimony. It tends to evoke the magic and the ghosts hidden in the everyday, behind a mist of unknowing. Next to “Hoshin”, the “Esylt” project is dedicated to darker pieces, with more european connotations.

Here are some links:



8 Bysenses: Native (8:40)

I’m from Ghent, Belgium and my name is Didier Dewachtere. I got to like electronic music at my 15th birthday.
It was the good-old time of new-wave music, which still remains a source of inspiration for me.
Later on I discovered the electronic music artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Roedelius.. The ‘Berlin School’ had a real great impact on me. It may be obvious, the name BySenses was partly taken from one of Schulze’s songs, “Sense”. For me composing with the synthesizer gives me the freedom to create an ambiance related to what is living in my head. To create a special surrounding with special effects and sounds. I’m not a
professional composer, rather a creator of sounds; putting them together as I like them to be, all music done in ‘the Now There studio’ at home.
BySenses now has released his third full length album titled “People” on the Belgian label Wool-EDiscs. It is a beautiful and organic ambient epos in which analog, digital and human voice meet together into a swirling harmonic and colourful statement. The track “Native” is an addition to the album People. Are we all native in every country? It’s an organic song with what we call native voices..are they native and what is native? When Johan Geens asked me to create a new song for
the Ambiant Nations 5 album, I didn’t hasitate one second. All Belgian EM composers on a tripple !
Discography of BySenses:
1. Outsense – A digital album out in 2014, It’s all about feeling, feelings each of us has it’s own thoughts about it. Each track has a special meaning with his special feelings.
2. Frigments Fragments – Album out in 2014. Frigments Fragments has reached the eight place on the international contest of Schallwelle in the category of international albums. A musical adventure through some nice sounds and sequencers. Experimental music with soft floating
3. People – Album out in 2018. Dedicated to all people all over the world. Nothing around us reflects the openness of humanity. We are not chosen, we are people.
4. In collaboration with Owann – The Tower Tree – Transposing – album out in 2015
So here you have a view of all the albums where BySenses had his hand in it. Some compilation alums are not mentioned over here.
Hope you have a better view and like to thank to make it possible to be part of Ambient Nation 5
Much greetings,
Didier Dewachtere aka BySenses

9 Pieter Vermeyen: Tryggja (5:21)

At the age of eight, back in 2001, Pieter started to follow piano lessons with his grandmother. Back then he considered himself not dorky enough to follow music classes, but he secretly loved playing his little organ. Eventually he decided to take music classes after all. With the years he developed a new passion: making electronic music. A logical step in his love with classical and ambient music.

August 2016 saw the release of ‘Inuit.’,his first ‘real’ project. The baseline is the story that the Inuit (inhabitants of Greenland) have more than twenty different names for snow. Pieter picked out four names, each with their own meaning. Simultaneously, all the tracks have the same atmosphere but are different in another way. It’s a metaphor that can only be understood by listening to the music.

Download ‘Inuit’ here
Stream ‘Inuit’ here 

Upon the release of ‘Inuit.’ Pieter started to work on a new project. This time he tried something different. He tried to reflect the beauty of silence by putting just one instrument in front (the piano, of course!). He added some subtle details, mainly gathered from his own field recordings, but always stayed rather minimalistic. The result is a raw, imperfect, but warm and cosy at the same time. The new project got the name ‘Hygge.’. Hygge, currently a fancy buzzword, initially stands for “a quality of cosiness and hapiness that engenders a feeling of contentment”. Pieter oughts to help the listener to achieve such a state of mind. There he already organised multiple chill-out sessions, lie downconcerts, …

Download ‘Hygge’ here
Stream ‘Hygge’ here 

Now Pieter created a new track for Ambient Nation. It got the name ‘Tryggja’, Icelandic for ‘to secure’. A maximal minimalism with a cause. Whether it works or not, that’s up to you.

Video ‘Tryggja’:



Total playing time: 65:47

1 Age: Light Arrows (8:20)

Just scan the QR. for more info…

2 Lounasan: A brief look into the past (8:53)

Travelling without moving! It all happens in your mind and in an undefined deep area of your belly. A few years ago Lounasan surprised with his ambient trip to the north of Sweden: “I wish I made this music every day” (link: ). Being fascinated with electronic music since childhood, Lounasan never ceased to make music, in many flavours. Bandcamp is one of the base-stations for tasting: . Some interesting music is still waiting to be released as part of a one-month residency in Finland. Non-finalized snippets are here: .

Alter ego Music For Installations goes deeper into the territory of art and soundscaping. The latest album (also available on Databloem – is a captation of a live performance in the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent (link: ). Niek Cornil is the house-provider of live played video. You find some snippets on YouTube: ).

On Mixcloud ( he rumbles the house with his very broad mix-sets. There is certainly something for everybody’s electronic eclectic taste.

Finally, together with Jovica Storer, he forms the ‘locked-in’ Cycles Of Moebius project or perhaps you can call it an infinite-loop-syndrome . (link: ).

The C-O-L-O-U-R-S.COM label wraps everything up of those two geeks: or buying on


3 Alain Pierre: Dante’s Embrace (11:33)

Used to and passionate by the creation for the movies, the theatre and the ballet, my compositions are within the limits of storytelling applied to the unity of time, places and space and in osmosis of the emotion common to the director, the producer and the choreographer.
On the other hand, the performance phenomenon of the concerts I have been working on since a long time gives me the opportunity to give musical impressions which, I hope, give every individual of an audience, the possibility to interpret soundscapes and musical scenes without any visual reference, so that everyone can imagine his own vision and feelings of proposed musical events.
In order to do this, I use an electronic violin, which already allows me to choose the manufacture of the sounds of the instruments.
In fact, I don’t believe in « electronic music », but in an electronic based music. The synthesizer is not an instrument, it’s a « factory of instruments» (especially analog) which allows to obtain built sounds that already touch emotions.
By improvising these sound mixtures, I allow myself trying to pass a scenario to the public without imposing the dramaturgy but on the contrary to leave what I would call “the vision of the ear” of everyone..
I started more than 50 years ago by creating myself « special » keyboards, until 1970, when I discovered the EMS VCS3 and later the EMS AKS, then the ‘ARP 2600 and the OBERHEIM OB8 etc…I still use these nowadays and I composed music for more than 100 feature films, 350 short films and 250 incidental musics. I hope it will not stop !

4 Frank Deboosere: Alfa 14 (4:13)

For more info, scan the QR-code:








5 Sebastopol: All in the mind (4:52)

Sebastopol in words :

Sebastopol, a one man vessel, a trip into space.
Electronic maverick, lover of synthesisers and soundmaking machines. Layering sound, enhancing ambience , soundtracking the imaginary story.
Music for daydreaming ….
There’s a sound of innocence, a sound of dreams and memories, both nostalgic and forward looking. Both in deep space as in headspace.
A quest towards what lies behind the borderline…..
Is there beauty out there? Shall we dream? Shall we rise ? ………

6 Alienna: The Task of Sisyphos pt. 1 (5:22)

The Task of Sisyphos pt. 1 was recorded during live performance where ALIENNA sets out to let the listener experience an immersive journey of trippy and cosmic electronic sounds.

For further information & music:

Instagram: _a_kowalski | Email:

7 Dirk Serries: Origin (7:25)

Dirk Serries : electric
guitars, electronics, effects.
Recorded & performed in
2014, re-arranged in 2018.

8 Serge Devadder: Toteninsel (4:15)

The piece was not meant to be “programmatic”; it developed the way it did without any preconception. In hindsight, its mood strongly reminded me of Arnold Böcklin’s famous work, hence the title.  In these post-modernist times, 19th century romantic paintings have somewhat fallen from grace. Especially the mythology-laden visions of Swiss symbolist Böcklin border on pathetic kitsch for a present-day beholder. But they are also mysteriously fascinating – a guilty pleasure. I hope my contribution to Ambient Nation Vol. 5 conveys a similar ambience.

Recorded spring 2010. SD: Wavestation SR, DS8, electric guitar, mouth harmonica & loops.

Selected discography:

Serge Devadder – Cambrian [CD, self-released, 2014]

Serge Devadder – Ganda [CD, Groove Unlimited, 2016]

Serge Devadder – Taxon [CD, Groove Unlimited, 2018]

Vidna Obmana & Serge Devadder  – The Shape of Solitude [CD, Multimood Records, 1999]

Full discography on Discogs.

Selected videos on YouTube:

Nadir –  a time-lapse movie by Marco Hinic.

That Dragon Needs Greasing –  live @ Cosmic Nights 2016 taken from the CD Ganda.

Perlboot – a track from the NEW 2018 CD TAXON.

Official Facebook page.

9 Galactic Underground: Sky Ripped (live) (7:12)

<G.U> or Galactic Underground, is a Belgian musician serving listeners with breathtaking deep space music.

Preview of some tracks and 3D-CD album available at Bandcamp here.

10 Sonmi451: Event (6:53)

Sonmi451 is a Belgian ambient artist, creating his own blend of atmospheric ambient. His music is perhaps best described a hybrid between subtle, shimmering electronica and delicate soundscapes. Every Sonmi451 track is a sort of mini-universe where field-recordings and lovingly crafted samples are combined with carefully chosen atmospheric ambiences.


Total playing time: 72:28

1 Nothing But Noise: No Wave – роботизированный (11:21)

In 2012 Daniel B. and Dirk Bergen decided to give birth to their NothingButNoise project through a first double album, « Not Bleeding Red », some thirty years after their first and rare effort together. Both musicians who share the same initials and common musical aspirations have then been on a prolific creative collaboration which saw physical releases multiplying as a treasure hunt of some sort, alternately as vinyl, CD, cassette or USB stick formats, up to the release of the recent “Existence Oscillation” trilogy which ended at the beginning of 2018, and which distinctly explored the three temporal components – past, present, future – on one dedicated record each. The track presented on this compilation is a alternate version of a title featured on the trilogy.
More creations can be discovered at or

2 Earthwave: Mirage (7:20)

3 Syndromeda: About the History of History (7:59)

It all started in 1978, after my studies electronics I built a modular synthesizer, a Formant, from the
magazine Elektuur and I bought a Roland SH-1000 … I also wanted to make music like Tangerine
Dream and Klaus Schulze and….
Then my “music career” lay still for a long time, you know, marrying, making children, buying a
house … and the Formant and the SH-1000 were sold.
In 1990 I got interested again in realizing music myself and started to invest.
I released several cassettes in-house and in 1996 my first CD “Mind TRIPS” came on the market.
The children left the house and I was given a room to set up as a studio.
At the moment I have 31 solo albums (including 2 in the USA) and 9 collaboration projects and
some loose tracks on compilation CDs (like this one).
My releases and re-releases have been going through Syngate for years:
We go further, making music is fun and brings me what I need … inner peace!

4 Analogic Synthism: Final Stage (8:30)

5 The Rosswell Incident: Spin-off (8:26)

6 Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld: Broken Shadow (8:25)

7 Aerodyn: Tyes (5:32)

8 Onsturicheit: Het Irrationele Denken (7:43)

Peter Moorkens (28/11/1965) was born in Antwerp and got an acoustic guitar and an Roland JX-3P from his mother. This started his interest in music (besides collecting records).

Onsturicheit is Dutch from the dark ages and it means turbulence, noise, wildness, unbridled, etc. And that’s just what it is: Electronic, unpredictable and so never the same. The keywords are soundscapes, samples, sequencers and textures.

In the beginning the instruments used where Korg Monotribes and electribes and the MS10. The Korg Volca’s soon replaced the monitribes because they were more compact and programmable. You can hear them a lot on the first albums. It one point (thanks Moog Mother 32 and Arturia Microbrute) Peter got addicted to modular synthesis and bought himself a system that is now part of the live setup. With modular synths the sound and the music is always unpredictable. One turn of a knob and everything can change. Peter never uses computers.

For live sets Peter often rebuild his modular case to get fresh sounds and ideas. This takes much longer then actually making the music. Not all modules work well together. Not all VCO sound good together. The same for filters and LFO’s. Also the modules have to trusted in a live situation and not starting to act strange after a while. The things that work out are noted down.

Later on melodies are programmed in the sequencers. The heart of the system is the Hermod sequencer from Squarp instruments. Extra melodies come from the Audio Damage sequencer 1. Various field recordings are made and loaded in the Roland SP-404 sampler and the Korg Kaoscilator. Mostly Peter starts with samples then slowly adding textures with his Pittsburgh modular and finally looping these textures before the sequencer jumps in. The rhythms are programmed into 2 Korg Volca Samplers and a Volca Kick. In the modular system there are also samples. For solo’s and the making of textures Peter uses 2 Arturia Keysteps. These keysteps can also contain up to 8 sequences. So plenty of melodies at hand and it makes it easy to improvise or play longer sets. Only the sequences are programmed in the modules, the rest is magic that happens live.

9 Jovica Storer: Sweet Mocha (6:52)

Jovica Storer is a Belgian electronic music composer/producer who has been addicted to aural vibrations ever since his youth.
He learned to play the piano as a child an started improvising his own creations as a teenager. In his early twenties he bought his first synthesizer and a computer and started sequencing. Since that day in the summer of 1989, he has never ceased to explore new territory.
Some links where you can find additonal information and music about him:

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