Ambient Nation 5 out now!

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Ambient Nation 5 is a unique look into what the Belgian electronic musicians of today have to offer.
Though ambient sounds like a very eroded term these days, it still encompasses the wide array of musical genres and artists showcased on this triple cd.
Ambient Nation 5 compiles tracks by amateur knobtwisters, renowned artists with releases on myriads of international labels, TV-faces with a hidden love for spacemusic, soundtrackwriters that
stayed out of the loop for 30 years or more, technoproducers that rather skip the beat, former punks who picked up a keyboard or two, three,…five, classical composers who aim for your innerself and
noiseartists that finally saw the light or at least beyond the static of their TV-screen.
Whether it be the dark ambient of Hoshin, the berlin school of Age, the new age sounds of Frank Deboosere, the droney ambient of Synodic Wave, the darkambient guitarsounds of Dirk Series, the
vaporwave of Zer0 れい, the piano soundscapes with field recordings of Pieter Vermeyen, the beat heavy krautinfested electronics of Nothing But Noise, or the complete off kilter modular madness that
is Onsturicheit, one thing is certain, no synthesizers were harmed in the making…or maybe just a little.

Contains only exclusive material, either written for this compilation or specially edited, remixed or live.

Very limited edition, get your copy here:

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