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What is B-Wave about?

B: stands for Belgian.
Wave: stands for waveform, we’re all about electronic instruments like synthesizers, electric guitars, effects etc… But it also stands for: a wave washing over Belgium to promote electronic made music. So it has nothing to do with the so called B-Wave series of UFO sightings in Belgium ūüėČ

What is B-Wave?
B-Wave is an independent non-profit organisation. We aren’t influenced by record companies or any other beneficiary parties. It’s the music and gear that counts.

We’re synthesizer freaks! Yes, we simply can’t stop talking about it… or have enough synths… ūüėČ ¬†Come to the B-Wave Festival and you’ll see that many people are likewise synth-minded… talk about¬†your passion, share your passion.

Why B-Wave?
We all share the same passion: music made by electronic means! Many of us actually also play the synthesizer, love to twist the knobs and experiment until we’ve created the pictured sound.¬†We feel that “our” music is completely neglected by the “big” media. This¬†is strange because the synthesizer is perhaps th√© most used instrument !

B-Wave Festival:
We organize this big annual event with several great stage acts and a fairs with demos and recordlabels, specialised distributors etc. We also co-orporate with Cosmic Nights (Rhea), the fantastic annual Planetarium concerts in Brussels. Furthermore we have several unique events coming up… keep yourself posted – maybe follow us on Facebook for our blog there or subscribe to our newsletter !

What do we mean by “electronic synthesizer music”? Well, if this may help you: we like Klaus Schulze, modular synth bleeps, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, rattling Berliner Schule sequencers, the more ambient styles like Steve Roach, Brian Eno… Or the “new generation” of electronic music musicians like Carbon Based Lifeforms, …

Newsletter: You may register yourself to our newsletter and keep yourself informed about our activities!

B-Wave is run solely by its members who contributes to the B-Wave community in one way or another.
All members share the same passion: we love electronic instruments!
Members try to be active members, this means that they try to participate to get our beloved music style known in Belgium. Contributing to the community is possible in many ways but not mandatory.

Do you need some more info? Then just contact us and we will get in touch with you asap.

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