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Welcome to B-Wave.be, the Belgian electronic music community.

What is B-Wave about?

B: stands for Belgian.
Wave: stands for waveform, hey it’s all about electronic music! But it also stands for: a wave washing over Belgium to promote the electronic music style allover the country.

What do we mean by “electronic music”? Since electronic music has a very wide meaning, it maybe is easier to say what we do not mean… It is not dub-step, techno, house… Yes, it is about ambient, space, Berliner Schule or the more melodical styles. If this may help you: we like Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, more ambient styles like Steve Roach, Brian Eno… Or the “new generation” of electronic music musicians like Trentemøller…

B-Wave Festival: We organize this annual event with several great stage acts and a fair with attending recordlabels, specialised distributors etc. We also co-orporate with Cosmic Nights (Rhea), the fantastic annual Planetarium concerts in Brussels. Furthermore we have several unique events coming up… keep yourself posted – maybe follow us on Facebook for our blog there.

Newsletter: You may register yourself to our newsletter, here at the menu at the right, and keep yourself informed about our activities!

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