B-Wave 2018


The B-Wave Festival 2018

The B-Wave Festival is all about synthesizer-music. More in particular Cosmic music, Ambient, Berliner Schule, psychill music etc.
Our visitors often are synth-freaks as well! They simply can’t stop talking about it… or have enough synths…  Come to the B-Wave Festival and you’ll see that many people are like-minded… talk about your passion, share and dream !
Have a look here for some impressions of the previous editions.

So, what’s in it for this year? Here we go:


* Main Stage concerts *

We think we have 4 great acts ready for our main stage :


Will come over to the festival for a unique and one-time European concert! This is your chance to see and hear the Meister of Space Music in person! Remember his fantastic albums Chronos or Planetary Unfolding? Michael’s performance will be a unique cinematic live experience in 5.1 surround!


* * *  ERIK WØLLO (N)
From Norway, another Meister on our stage! Known for his excellent releases on the Projekt record label! This is a rare opportunity to see Erik playing live.


* * *  PYRAMAXX (DE)
Is the common project of the Leverkusen/Germany based band Pyramid Peak (Axel Stupplich & Andreas Morsch) and guitar player Max maxxess Schiefele. Witness their fantastic sequence-based tracks with awesome layers of electric guitar!


* * *  AERODYN (BE)
Aerodyn are Jan Buytaert (The Roswell Incident), Alain Kinet and Philippe Wauman (aka Anantakara). They did a fantastic performance on Cosmic Nights 2017, so we want to hear and see them again!



* Foyer Stage concerts *

And two very interesting acts in the foyer as well.
We invite you to get to know them:


* * *  ALIENNA (B)
One of the many but few female and Belgian artists to indulge your speakers or headphones with fantastic spacy and trancy soundscapes.


Filmish, psychedelic and electronic analog palettes of very rich and unusual soundscapes.
To the untrained ear it’s modular madness, to the trained one too 🙂



* Foyer stalls *

We will have several stalls of distributors and record labels specialized in synth-music alike.
These already applied for a stall: Rob PapenSounduniversity, Midician Modular, IXlogic (Modal Synths Belgium), Wool-e-Shop, Manikin Records, Syngate, Groove UnlimitedSpheric Music, Seifert & Steinbuechel, Syndae, Stefan Erbe, Rhea, Pyramaxx, Michael Stearns, Erik Wøllo, Volker Rapp and a selection of Belgian artists as well.


* Ambient Excursions *

We’re planning to have two have some other interesting things ass well… let’s call it “Ambient Excursions” for the moment.
We’ll post more in the very near future while planning and organizing this is going on!  So stay tuned!


* When *

December 1st  2018


* Where *

CC Muze in Heusden-Zolder (BE)


Google Maps link here.





* Made possible by… *

The B-Wave Festival is made possible by the support of the Flanders Government (Department Cultuur, Jeugd en Media), Rhea, CC Muze, Wool-e-Shop and our loyal visitors.
Thank you all so much!


* Facebook *

Click here for our Facebook B-Wave Festival 2018 event page.


* Tickets *

Tickets are available at the Box-Office: €42,00


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