Mar 042015

Cosmic Nights:

“We are happy to announce you a real première!

@Cosmic Nights 2015 IAN MANTRIPP will perform for the first time live on stage!
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Feb 262015

CYCLES OF MOEBIUS exist of two band members.

JOVICA STORER is an electronic, eclectic musician which has this peculiar feature that his inspiration never runs dry. He’s not to catch in one electronic genre box, spanning from beatless reveries to harsh sounding industrial scapes. Cycles of Moebius is just one of his many faces in music.
LOUNASAN is a cosmic adventurer. Going from deep ambient to sequenced music to experimental soundscapes in his side-kick Music For Installations, Lounasan catches emotions and tries to translate them musically. His appearance in Cycles of Moebius is just another step in his slowly evolving musical path.

COSMIC NIGHTS 2015 welcomes this ‘new’ band of ‘experienced’ EM-musicians!

Feb 202015

MICHAEL BRÜCKNER is one of the most productive synthesists in Berliner Schule, Ambient and Drone. His list of releases is impressive.

Michael Brückner was a legitimate nominee for the Schallwelle Awards in 2013.

MATHIAS BRÜSSEL is a good friend of Michael and a remarkable e-musician.  Some of you will call his music ‘experimental’, ‘ambient’, ‘soundscape or ‘Visuelle Musik’.

Don’t miss their unique performance!

More info on the Cosmic Nights look here.

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Nov 302014

Rhea announced the date of the 2015 Cosmic Nights edition!

It will be held on May 29th and will take place at the awesome Plantarium of Brussels, so be there!

More info on their Facebook page here.


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