Oct 082013

Promotion for the B-Wave Electronic Music Festival is rolling out now.

The respons is great, tickets are selling – don’t wait to order yours now!

Following recordlabels/mail order companies confirmed their presence:
Manikin Records, Syngate, Spheric Music, Cosmic Nights (Rhea), Deserted Island Records etc…

Are you interested in renting a stall? then get in contact with us asap.

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Apr 222013


The first B-Wave release is a fact!
We are pleased to announce that B-Wave has released the new Venja studio-album Mode Zen!
Mode Zen is a limited edition digipack at first, so be among the first to get one.

More info about this album here.

Feb 062013

After for about 20 years, there finally is a Belgian Electronic Music festival again!

This does not only sound exciting, but it also IS exciting !

A date has been set: 7th december, and a location also.

Wanna know more? Then just visit this page, and order your ticket now to be sure of a seat!